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Construction CRM Software


Portals form a way for an organization to “extend” their enterprise to include their stake holders and digitize their value chain, thereby, providing a much better service, and at the same time reducing man-power costs, on managing communication and information flow.
Real Estate Portal Software

Customer Portal

The customer portal provides a view to the end-customer/client who has purchased a unit to get information via a login/password via the net, about their unit status, payment status and other requests made to the developer.

Real Estate ERP Software

Vendor Portal

The vendor portals provide a way to connect the key processes of online tendering for contractors and online quotation management from suppliers, thereby, easily ensuring quick and fast information flow to do rate analysis and comparisons across various vendor quotes in real time. Invoicing and Bill submitting and checking can also be done.

Software for Real Estate Brokers

Broker Portal

The broker portal allows brokers to interact with the Developers Sales team and get an update on stock availability, bookings and collections. At the same time they can submit and collect their brokerage commissions and bills.

Dash Boards

The dashboards and business intelligence formulate a critical part of the analysis a Real Estate Developer must do to stay ahead of the curve. The In4Suite® Dashboards are built in collaboration with world leader QlikView® where in an exclusive relationship between the two companies provide an OEM solution for In4velocity’s customers.

Real Estate Management Software


Payroll serves as an addon component to the HR module where in we provide a self-service view for the en-user,to all the individual’s tax submitions and other declarations and interactions that might happen with HR. The payroll module tightly integrates with the Financial systems and other leave management tracking systems, etc. to provide a seamless calculation of the employee payroll.

HR & Payroll Software for Construction

CTI (Computer Telephony Interface)

In4velocity‘s generic TAPI based CTI solution integrates with its CRM module to provide its customers the following functionality.

  • Enables clients to receive calls on their main EPBX that can identify the caller immediately. Depending on whether it’s a customer or a new prospect, the call can be routed to the correct person/extension along with the profile of theperson
  • Call Park / Route / Hold / IVR Options
  • Capture appropriate information from Caller before forwarding call
Real Estate CRM Software
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