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In4Suite® A Platform to


A Real Estate Business

In4Suite® was built as a need to transform Real Estate developers from a world of paper and manual processes, to a digital world with automated processes.


All organizations have a BUY SIDE, SELL SIDE and an IN SIDE. The fundamental building blocks for a digitally ready organization architecture is to have a product platform that enables this future ready approach. In4Suite® is designed to be used out-of-the-box and deployed rapidly to achieve these results.

  • The BUY SIDE refers to the business processes and stake holders that are vendors & suppliers to the organization.
  • The SELL SIDE refers to the business processes and stake holders that enable the Sales &Revenue models off the organization.
  • The IN SIDE refers to the business processes and stake holders of the organization that are internal to the firm and require a platform to perform their functions to facilitate the BUY side and SELL side transactions most effectively.

In4Suite® is built around the premise that connecting the BUY side, SELL side and IN side of the organization, on a single platform, through a digital chain, enables a huge amount of efficiency and disrupts the traditional way of doing business. This in turn reflects immediately in the bottom line of an organization.

By leveraging the extended organization concept, using portals and mobility, that are tightly integrated to the In4Suite® platform, the organization builds a completely connected internal and external organization architecture which allows the flow of information in real time.

Implementing In4Suite® leads to a complete digital transformation of the organization and releases a huge amount of efficiencies across all groups and departments in an organization.

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